– 29 APRIL –

WT | Wearable Technologies Conferences have been the must attend event for the wearables ecosystem for over a decade.

The now 15th WT | Wearable Technologies Conference took place in Milan for the first time ever – the perfect place for matching high fashion with technology and offering the usual quality networking of all WT events.

Our 15th WT | Wearable Technologies Conference had a special focus on fashion and design but also featured other topics from the ecosystem. The speaker program included pioneers of the industry such as Polar and Garmin and new companies coming from the fashion tech industry like Ear-O-Smart, an earring with fitness tracking capabilities or Liber8 Technology with Tago Arc, an e-ink bracelet. Clothing+ shared 17 years’ worth of experience in combining electronics and clothing in mass-production, Cyrcadia Health presented their cancer detecting bra and WT | Innovation World Cup category winner Alpinestars presented their Tech-Air™ system, a wearable airbag jacket for all riders.

The exciting conference program has been complemented with an extensive exhibition area.

AGENDA & DETAILS HERE: http://www.wearable-technologies.com/events/wearable-technologies-conference-2015-milan/